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European Gold in Hammer Decathlon.
08 October, 2019
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After a season that was obliterated with a virus, I went into these championships with a fair degree of trepidation. However, after I ended the season early due to the virus, I then took a good break before getting into my winter's training which has started really well giving me some confidence. The day started well with a personal best in the 4k hammer, but then went a bit awry with some poor performances in the 5k,6k and 7.26k hammers. However, I put that right with a massive personal best in the 9k hammer which put me right up there. Next up came the 10k hammer and a near personal best of 11.75m, followed up with another great effort with the 12.5k hammer which saw me in the lead. The eighth event was the 15.88k hammer in which I set a lifetime best of 7.49m, this was followed by the 19.06k and 25.4k hammers in which I threw reasonably well to secure the title. The last time that Ireland won this title was way back in 2006, so the Irish Masters Association are well pleased.
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