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About Jim Gillespie, Wragby's fitness expert.
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Silver in the European Hammer Decathlon 2017.
These championships were held in Derby on October 14th and I had now moved up to the M55-59 age group, so was hoping for a good performance. As it happened I surpassed my expectations with not only a silver medal, but an Irish record points score of 3335.

European Champion and World Silver 2016 and 2018 World Silver.
On August 27th 2016 in Cambridge whilst competing at the European Ultra Multi-Events Championships, I won the M50 Throws Quadrathlon!!! The points score of 1389 was also an Irish record. I am incredibly proud of this achievement and shows if you work hard enough, then you can eventually achieve your goals. On October 1st I competed at the World Hammer Decathlon in Derby, securing the silver medal with an Irish record score of 3148 points. In 2018 at the World Hammer Decathlon Championships I once again secured the silver medal, improving my national record to 3602 points.

New National Records.
September 2017 saw me move up to the 55-59 age group and the first competition in this new category was the European Hammer Decathlon, this resulted in a new Irish record of 3335 points.

The beginning of 2016 saw me add the Heavy Throws Triathlon to my list of national records, this time in the 50-54 age group, this included extending my Heavyweight Hammer record to 8.48 metres . Furthermore, in February I broke the Heavyweight Hammer record again with 8.63 metres, only to break it again in March firstly with 9.33 metres,and then 9.37 metres. As the season has progressed I have broken it another three times, firstly with 9.52 metres down in Brecon, then a 9.89 metre effort at a throws festival in Derby and finally 9.92 metres in Birmingham. Then right at the end of the season I set a new record in the Hammer decathlon (see above). The end of 2016 saw me extend this record to 10.26m. In 2017 I moved up to the M55-59 age group and almost immediately I set a new record in the Heavy Hammer and Heavy Throws Triathlon. The new Hammer record came in at 9.99m which I set in December, then on an unbelievably hot day in July 2018 I improved that mark to 10.31m and then to 10.58 in September up in Jarrow. The Triathlon best came in March 2019 when I travelled to Swindon and scored 1450 points.

Current National Records held (Indoor).
60 metres hurdles(M40-44 and M45-49 age groups).
Pentathlon(M45-49 and M50-54).
Pole Vault(M50-54).

Current National Records held(Outdoor).
110 metres hurdles(45-49 age group).
Pentathlon(M45-49 and M50-54).
Heavyweight Hammer (M50-54).
Heavyweight Hammer (M55-59).
Heavy Throws Triathlon (M50-54).
Heavy Throws Triathlon (M55-59).
Throws Quadrathlon (M50-54).
Throws Decathlon (M50-54).
Hammer Decathlon (M50-54).
Hammer Decathlon (M55-59).

Jim has a range of required qualifications these include:
  • Masters Diploma in Personal Training.
  • Level 4 High Performance Athletics Coach.
  • Level 3 advanced personal trainer.
  • Level 2 fitness instructor.
  • B. Ed(honours) degree in Physical Education.
  • Diploma in Sports Psychology.
  • National coaching awards in athletics, basketball, boxing, football, rugby union, swimming and volleyball.

Also, Jim was named Lincolnshire Sports Teacher of the Year, at the Lincolnshire Sports Awards, in 2005/6.

Jim Gillespie is an expert in fitness training and body management. His qualifications include the Masters Diploma in Personal Training, currently the highest award you can get in the profession. He is an international athlete and national record holder, and understands the demands of team games through his involvement with basketball, football, rugby and volleyball.

Jim is very well qualified to offer personal training, weight management, sport specific fitness sessions, and all programmes are tailored to individual needs and goals, with your present level of fitness being the starting point to develop a schedule specially designed for you.

The great thing about Ultimate Fitness 24/7 is that Jim can visit you at home, work or anywhere you choose. 

Ultimate Fitness 24/7 offers a total package, with the knowledge and professionalism that comes with competing and coaching at international level.
Do you really want to miss out?

I am based in Wragby, Lincolnshire, only 15 minutes drive from the beautiful City of Lincoln, and can travel anywhere within the county or neighbouring counties.  If you are further afield and wish to make use of my fitness training services then this would have to be by agreement.  Please contact me for further information.

Jim and son, Kieran, relaxing at the
home of Leicester City Football Club

Jim and son, Kieran, relaxing at the home of Leicester City Football Club